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oeing understands the oppo▓rtunities afforded by the booming e-commerce and ai▓r cargo market in China -- online retail sales in China ▓were half that of the United States in 2010 and by 2013, they surpassed the United States.Unique to▓ China's air cargo market is that the ▓majority of demand for freighters is from delive▓ry companies."That's why we need to design and launch a converted freighter that can meet the specific ne▓eds of the China market," he said.According to Yitbarek, Boeing will provide deli

very firms with suit▓able freighters, support them in establishing logistics infrastructure, and share their best practices."As an aviation leader, Boeing provides airplane life-cycle support and services to the global aviation industry," ▓said Yitbarek.To him, it is a privilege for Boeing to be part of the fabric of China' s delivery a▓nd e-commerce market."All parties will support the hea▓lthy development of the China market,▓" said Yitbarek.Please scan the QR Code to fo

and the plan e▓s will be deliv ered, on sched 超变态传奇私服新开网站 fourth quarter of 2▓017 .According to Yitbarek , a passenger plane can be convert ed into a fr eighter after it has been in operation for approxi mately 15-20 years.The fir st 737-800s to b e used b▓y Chines e airlines wer e built in the late 1990s, so there are pl enty of aircraft n 龙门县5G 商河县wap 姜堰市5G 南江县wap 栾川县5G 绥宁县5G 遂溪县wap 滑wap 沂南县wap 扶沟县wap 赤峰市wap 伊春市wap 武隆县wap 罗山县5G 烟台市wap 土默特右旗wap 枝江市wap 申扎县5G 麻江县wap 抚宁县wap 今日新开一秒传奇私服 变态传奇私服网站大全 网通新开传奇私服发布 最新中变热血传奇私服 新开热血传奇私服网站发布网 传奇私服迷失版本网站 手机版传奇私服登录器 传奇私服行会战 今日新开迷失传奇私服网站 传奇私服架设论坛